Tanker 131

Feast your eyes upon Tanker 131, our 1800 gallon water tanker. A six-speed manual transmission, this workhorse can get water to the fire scene when we need is most. Tanker 131 is used in conjunction with our Engine 131, or can even be used to support others such as Bucksnort, Centerville, and Pleasantville. It is designed to fill up from a pond, creek, or hydrant, and then shuttle or tender the water to a drop tank that we setup at the site of the fire. Once its water is dumped, it heads back for more. This keeps the firefighting going even when we don’t have hydrants available, as is the case in Coble.

We acquired Tanker 131 from Stewart, Tennessee, and put it into service in April 2018. Until we get the new lettering, don’t be surprised if you see “Stewart County” around the neighborhood.  We hope to have all of our vehicles redone with lettering in the near future.  If you would like to help with that, please consider donating. We need support from everyone to make this happen! Update (5/28/2018): Thanks to your support in our recent fundraisers, we have raised enough to pay for the lettering on all of the apparatus. Thank you again for you support! We still have many other needs, so please still consider donating.

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