Rescue 131

Rescue 131 is our primary first responder vehicle, and the most likely vehicle, or apparatus, you will see around the Coble area.  Most of our volunteers are specially trained as Emergency Medical Responders, Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, or as Paramedics. If an ambulance is unable to get to you quickly, you can expect to see one of us arrive on scene to help until an ambulance can arrive.

In addition to medical care, we also are able to extricate people from vehicles when they are trapped inside after a wreck.  We also carry equipment to help rescue people from other situations as well (structure collapse, water rescue, and more).  We’re delighted to have our new lettering on, so give us a wave when you see us around Coble.  We’re here to help!

Please consider donating to Coble Fire Department.  All donations are tax-deductible. We would appreciate your support.

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