Engine 131

Coble, meet Engine 131.  Engine 131, meet Coble.  Because of your support, we now have a 1000 gallon engine / pumper truck. This apparatus is our primary response vehicle for fires.  Equipped with a 1250 gpm pump, we can perform initial attack on structure, automobile, truck, and brush fires in Coble.  It is also capable of refilling using our floating pump (placed in a pond) or from a drop tank that is nearby and filled by other apparatus.  It can haul a crew of three, and houses air packs and other equipment used for firefighting.

The apparatus itself is a 1990 Ford F800 FMC Engine, acquired from Patrick-Henry County in southern Virginia.  Until we get the new lettering, don’t be surprised if you see “Patrick Henry Volunteer Fire Department” around the neighborhood.  We hope to have all of our vehicles redone with lettering in the near future.  If you would like to help with that, please consider donating. We need support from everyone to make this happen! Update (5/28/2018): Thanks to your support in our recent fundraisers, we have raised enough to pay for the lettering on all of the apparatus. Thank you again for you support! We still have many other needs, so please still consider donating.

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