Leading Causes of Roadway Accidents

In America, the top three causes of accidents on the road continues to be 1) distracted driving, 2) speeding, and 3) drunk driving.  All of these things are preventable.  Here are some tips that we encourage the Coble community to heed:

  • Stop the texting. You can simply not respond to that text, or you can pull over.  Coble is notorious for curvy roads with very steep embankments. If your tire goes off the pavement, there’s a strong likelihood you will not be able to correct safely, and you may flip or roll down the embankments.  We are regularly called out to accidents such as this, and unfortunately, many times people’s cell phones show evidence of texting immediately prior to the accident. Pull over and stop, then do your texting. Don’t risk your life or the lives of the people on the road with you.
  • Slow down. With the immense number of curves as well as poor traction on many of our dirt roads in Coble, speed plays a major factor in preventing accidents and injuries. Stopping distance on chert roads greatly exceeds the distance required on asphalt, and so extra precaution must be taken. Hickman County, and especially the Coble area, has a large amount of dirt roads, so be aware of this and slow down!
  • Have someone else drive. If you have had a drink, getting home isn’t so important that you can’t wait a while to allow the effects of alcohol to subside.  Get a friend to drive you if you must get somewhere. Additionally, did you know that pulling an all-nighter (staying up without sleep for 24 hours) has the equivalent effect of a 0.1 blood alcohol level?  So, even if you haven’t been drinking, but have just had a long day at work and are making a late night or early morning drive home, consider getting some sleep before you hit the road.  You (and all of the other drivers on the road) will all be thankful.

Don’t be another statistic.  We at Coble Fire take our mission seriously, and we’re here to help if you find yourself in a traffic accident or other vehicular incident in the Coble area of Hickman County.  We hope we don’t have to see you under these circumstances, though.  Drive safe!

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